Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Master Copies by Atelier de Bresoles Instructors

Making a copy of a painting that you admire is a wonderful way to learn about another artist, and to develop skills and individuality as a painter. The following paintings were made by Atelier instructors Eric Mannella, or Allana Benham.

Eric Mannella, after Caravaggio's 'Torment of Christ' of 1602 / 1604.

Above, Eric Mannella's copy of Alma-Tadema's painting, 'Ask me no more.' from 1906.

Allana Benham, after a portrait of an unidentified woman by William Owen Harling in 1874.

Above, Allana Benham's copy of Van Dyck's Portrait of Cornelius van der Geest, 1620.

and below, Allana Benham's copy of Antoine Guillemet's (1841-1918) Le Moulin

Much can be learned about mixing colour, paint application, compositional choices, and the personal art-making process in making a copy of a painting that moves you.

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